Part 1 of the TWD Panel at Comic Con!

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Anonymous asked: I feel devastated. Bf cheated on me. Parents expecting me to get a job, no one is hiring. I won't be graduating according to my cohort. I feel childish and immature as so many people has called me. I don't know how to be okay.

”( cont’d) I’m sorry for dumping my feelings on you. I admire that you’re able to make it through the rough patches and still able to be the person you want to be strong, smart, and beautiful”

Anon… i’m sorry this is happening to you. I hope you’ve left that dude in the fucking dirt where he should be. don’t let some immature boy ruin what love means to you. you’re stronger and better than he will ever be. just look into yourself and realize that you have so much potential and you can find better people with the same morals as you when it comes to relationships.

As for your parents, they’re always expecting something from their children. But you need to try your best to always put yourself and your feelings first and foremost. I make the mistake a lot where i consider other people’s happiness and comfort before my own, which ends up blowing up in my face. no, you come first always. go at your own pace and put yourself first, in time things will start to come together.

You won’t be graduating according to your cohort. So what? you have so much time for that. it’s better to pace yourself than to rush things. You don’t seem childish nor immature to me at all. It seems like you’re having the same kind of problems we all tend to face when coming to terms with being independent. just remind yourself that there is time for things to work out.

Thanks for your kind words anon. but my rough patches are messy af. i get panic attacks at least twice a year, i have work anxiety every week, and i’m making absolutely no progress in the gym. but you know what? i will still get up and get shit done every single morning because i want to milk this life for all its worth and as a huge ‘fuck you’ to my enemies i will keep on keeping on. you should do the same. hope this helped. 

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Anonymous asked: I wish I had a friend. :(

baby :( i can try to be your friend..

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queenstales asked: you give me hope! i want to take it in the summer :)

orgo right? well in the words of my prof, “fire your boyfriend. fire your girlfriend. fire everybody. orgo is your life for one month.”

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Don’t date anyone who’s intimidated by feminism.

Don’t date anyone who thinks it’s a threat to men and masculinity.

Love yourself. Don’t settle for a piece of shit.

I miss not touching each other, not seeing each other, not breathing in each other.

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I can’t be the only person who sees the similarities between Beth, Daryl and Sansa and the Hound like I can’t be the only one who sees this!

You’re certainly not! I’m a long-time SanSan shipper and that was one of the (many) reasons Bethyl appealed to me so much in the first place. I’ve been meaning to write more on this topic specifically but I haven’t gotten to it yet for whatever reason. But yeah…you’re definitely not the only one. ;) 

*Raises hand* Scarred, emotionally damaged tough guy with a good heart beneath it all falls for sweet songstress, teaching her to survive while she teaches him that there is still good in the world? Why yes, I might see that ;)

Haha, and weshallflyaway sums it up perfectly! :D 

not to mention her dad was beheaded in front her and daryl had an asshole older brother lol


I did this one film, early on, and I had sex with this girl in a house of mirrors, in a carnival against a wall. Her fiance/boyfriend showed up that day. So he’s standing there behind the camera , and I’m sort of with my back to the camera, and I’m looking at her face, and I can see how nervous she is. And, she was super hot. I was not trying to cross any lines that weren’t supposed to be crossed, but the fact that she was so nervous turned me on, and it just kind of made it real sexy for me. It became like a threeway with 40 people in the room. It made her like shake and nervous, and it just made it sexy as hell.
- Norman Reedus

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I was with her for awhile.

Track Title: Song On The Beach

Artist: Arcade Fire

Album: Her


"I’m trying to write a piece of music that’s about what it feels like to be on the beach with you right now."

My heart hurts

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dear people who hates michael, eat this gifset!

But the media won’t let y’all ever see this


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Florida city police department embedded with KKK members
July 21, 2014

Ann Hunnewell and her central Florida police officer husband knelt in the living room of a fellow officer’s home, with pillow cases as makeshift hoods over their heads. A few words were spoken and they, along with a half-dozen others, were initiated into the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, she says.

Last week, that initiation ceremony, which took place five years ago, stunned residents of the small town of Fruitland Park, who found out an investigative report linked two city officers with the secret hate society that once was violently active in the area. Ann Hunnewell’s ex-husband, George Hunnewell, was fired, and deputy chief David Borst resigned from the 13-member Fruitland Park Police Department. Borst has denied being a member.

James Elkins, a third officer who Ann Hunnewell says recruited her and her husband, resigned in 2010 after his Klan ties became public.

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