Nicki Minaj bts MTV EMA’s 2014 photoshoot

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soo my grad school interview is on halloween

what’s with this oedipal shit going on with gemma and jax on soa? this shit just got a whole lot more interesting

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"Consolidating power through a bloody reign of terror, Capone eliminated all rivals."

"For me, acting as a child was just a good experience. I became independent at quite a young age because from the age of 16 my mum was, like, “I’m not chaperoning you any more,” so I was off getting trains and staying in hotels and learning how to deal with the business. I didn’t rebel as a teenager and I think that’s probably why – because I didn’t really have anything to rebel against. I already had my own life outside school as well."

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buffy summers in season two of buffy the vampire slayer

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College students can now get microsoft office for free


Just go here and sign up with your college email. You can install it on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Windows tablets and iPads.

boardwalk, you done good tonight

calonari replied to your post “calonari answered your question “anyone have any experiences about…”

Ahh good good! Arabic is hard and I know from experience, give a shot to french really, everyone knows how to talk is the second language there. Food superb and good, don’t eat ice, be firm w/ the guys “no is no”, and have fun!

i love all this advice, thanks so much, love. i wish i could go see you in portugal 

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calonari answered your question “anyone have any experiences about studying abroad in Morocco they…”

studying no, just living. cheap and good. french is essential

nice! my sister knows french. she’s most likely coming with me haha. and i have to take a survival arabic course anyway

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anyone have any experiences about studying abroad in Morocco they wanna share?

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